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BestLink Strategies Certification Training

Our globally recognized self-paced Cybersecurity course is broken out into 8 different modules.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Our highly coveted self-paced Cybersecurity workshop course that provides recorded instruction and hands-on approach to cybersecurity industry practices including networking, DoD (Department of Defense) Cybersecurity logistics, STIG implementation, the importance of testing/hardening systems and vulnerability management, Windows OS, and threat detection. 

Cyber Analyst and Engineering

Offensive and Defensive Security These courses provide students with industry knowledge in Incident Response, Linux Operating System, Digital Forensics, and RMF (Risk Management Framework) vulnerability management. This course will prepare you to become a proficient Cybersecurity Analyst and Engineer.

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Why Choose BestLink








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BestLink Strategies has partnered with ACI Learning to provide our clients with 5,800+ hours of hands on interactive IT training videos and labs 

  • CompTIA, AWS, Azure, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Linux & more

  • Security, cloud, virtualization & more

  • Practice Tests

  • Virtual Labs

 *Each Tier has designated days of access to ACI Learns platform and this can be purchased as a monthly membership for $99 after time expires.*


CompTIA and other industry Certifications

The CompTIA certification is vendor-neutral and globally recognized. As a vendor partner, with CompTIA certification, there are no limits on what potential students can do. Since CompTIA does not focus on vendor-specific hardware and software, students can concentrate on building a base of technical knowledge. CompTIA opens up doors to high-demand fields like computer networking and cybersecurity in any vendor environment.


BestLink Strategies is a certified PearsonVUE Test center.  BLS is also a mobile testing site thus allowing BLS to travel to any organization to test their employees on site. 


To schedule an exam at our office in Chesapeake please go here or call the office 757.598.2849


Certification Course Prep

Everyone is familiar with military bootcamps. These condensed training sessions are designed to provide soldiers with the basic tools they need when they're out in the field. Similarly, an IT certification course prep is a short-yet-intense exploration of a specific subject. At the end of the training, students are ready to successfully complete the associated certification test.

What makes BLS’s course prep unique?

  • Course preps prioritize skills over theory. Hands-on activities teach learners real skills that can be used on the job.

  • Unlike traditional learning programs, BLS course preps usually don't require repeat sessions or multiple classes.

  • Classes are tailored to give students the best chance of passing their certification test on the first try.

IT course preps are a quick way to gain the benefits of certification without sacrificing several months in a classroom.

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